Fan Arena Euro 2016 knockout phase begins

Joey Gastmans Euro 2016 0 Comments

In the real European Championships we are all looking forward to the semi-finals.

In Fan Arena we want to offer you the same excitement. In the public leagues, we will use the last two rounds for semi-finals and finals.

How will this work?

Players 1-4 will advance to the semis. The player who is ranked first after 5 gameweeks will compete against the 4th ranked player, while the 2nd ranked will play the 3rd ranked player.

Winners will play each other in gameweek 7 during the real final. All the winners will have a chance to win the top prize, a sponsored kit for your own 5-a-side football team (max. 10 players)!

Gameweek 6

1 v 4
2 v 3

Gameweek 7

Winner v Winner
Loser v Loser

There will still be 1 waiver round (8/7 8PM CET) to acquire some last supersubs maybe.

Will the players from eliminated teams become free to waiver again?

No, you will have to do it with the players on your current squad. If you’re lucky you might still waiver some players from the semi-finalists who aren’t picked yet thought!

What’s happening to my Friendly League?

Friendly leagues don’t have the semi-finale feature. They just continue with round robin. You are randomly drawn against a new opponent, or in case of smaller leagues, a previous opponent.

How can I win?

All winners of the final round in all the Public Fan Arena Leagues will get a chance to win the top prize. A survey will be sent to their email with a tiebreaker question to determine the winner of Fan Arena EC16!