STEP 1: Choose your game mode

  • Play Sports Competition
    • Public
    • 6 players
    • Only for Belgian Pro League
    • Promotion/relegation
  • Friendly League
    • Private
    • 4-12 players
    • All major European competions
    • No promotion/relegation

STEP 2: Prepare draft

We advise you to prepare for the draft by adding (a lot of) players to you shortlist.

Advantages of a shortlist:
+ It’s way easier to pick a player. 30 seconds is not that much.
+ If you can’t attend the draft, the autopick system will do your job.

STEP 3: Draft night!

Fan Arena is a draft based game. All members of a league take turns in real-time to select their favourite football players. A particular player cannot be picked twice. There is only one Zlatan, Hazard, Ronaldo, etc.

Every team needs to pick 16 players, so there are 16 draft rounds. You have 30 seconds to pick one.

Draft order

The order of picking players will be randomly generated. The one who has the first pick in the first round, will have the last pick in the second round (and so on).


When you don’t pick a player within 30 seconds, the autopick system will be activated.

The player at the top of your shortlist will be picked automatically.

Or, if your shortlist is empty, a random player will be assigned to your team.

STEP 4: Select your starting 11

Each team consists of 16 players: 11 starters and 5 benchwarmers. Only the starting eleven will earn points.

You need at least 1 keeper, 3 defenders, 3 midfielders and 1 forward.

Valid formations are: 5-4-1, 5-3-2, 4-5-1, 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-5-2 and 3-4-3.

E.g you can change a 4-4-2 into 4-3-3 by substituting a midfielder for a forward.

STEP 5: Earn points

Your starting XI will earn points based on their performance:

Less than 60 minutes played 1
More than 60 minutes played 2
For every goal scored by a keeper 6
For every goal scored by a defender 5
For every goal scored by a midfielder 4
For every goal scored by a forward 3
For every assist 2
Clean sheet bonus for keepers and defenders (min. 60 minutes played3
Malus for keeper and defenders for each goal against -1

League ranking

During a gameweek you earn points if for a win or draw in your head-to-head fixture.

Your starting XI need to score more points than the starting XI of your opponent.

Win: 3 points
Draw: 1 point
Loss: 0 points

Play Sports Competition versus Friendly League

The Play Sports Competition is being played in seasons of 10 gamedays.

After every season, 1 team is promoting (position 1), 2 teams are staying (position 2 and 3) and 3 teams are relegating (positions 4,5 and 6).


In a Friendly League you choose how long it will last.

STEP 6: Transfer players

Every gameday you have the opportunity to get rid of underperforming players. Press the “Transfer Out” button below a benchwarmer to drop a player.

Search for a replacement and add him to the top of your shortlist.

The waivers ranking determines which team can transfer first. When a player is successfully waived to a team, it automatically drops to the last place in the waivers ranking. Teams that don’t waiver retain their position in the ranking.

Pro tip: add multiple players to your shortlist. Teams that have a higher waiver ranking can possibly pick the player you had in mind!

STEP 7: Win

After each Fan Arena season (10 gameweeks) the Play Sports-champions can win a jersey of the favourite team. They will be notified by email.

We currently don’t award prizes for Friendly Leagues. But you can always make a bet amongst your friends.