Waiver tips gameweek 7

Joey Gastmans Euro 2016 0 Comments

Moussa Sissoko


There are still 2 starting French players that stayed under the radar and that are still up for grabs! Sissoko and Umtiti started in the semi-final and are expected to start in the final as well.

We are going with Sissoko, since he will be certain of 2 points when he plays at least 60 min. We are expecting at least 1 goal from Christiano Ronaldo (he has another record to break!), and that would mean a lower score for Umtiti.

If you think France will hold on to the clean sheet, you should definitely try to get Umtiti though!

Adrien SIlva


There are still quite some Portuguese players that you could waiver. It seems like faith in Portugal was not that high. Except for their star players a lot of them are still free to take in a substantial amount of leagues.

Danilo Pereira, João Mário, Cédric Soares, Raphaël Guerreiro,..

But the one we think could be the joker is Adrien Silva. He started in the 3 last game and has gained trust of his coach. Of all the Portuguese midfielders he has the best track record in scoring goals. Maybe he’ll score one now in the big final!

8/7/2016 – 8PM CEST