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Fan Arena Fantasy is back for the 2020/21 Belgian Pro Football season

By August 4, 2020September 20th, 2021Fan Arena news, Fantasy Sports
Fan Arena Fantasy 2020/21

Fan Arena will continue offering a Fantasy football experience for all Belgian fans in the 2020/21 season. Fan Arena Fantasy is currently being released as a freemium game under our own “Fan Arena” banner. Even in these uncertain times Fan Arena won’t let the fans down.

Everybody in the Belgian pro football community is struggling to cope with the coronavirus crisis. Matches need to be played behind closed doors, players might lose some pay, fans can’t cheer like they would want to and all kinds of suppliers and businesses surrounding the league are hit hard. Brands cut back their ad spending and new sponsorships are incredibly hard to come by.

And Fan Arena faces another considerable impact. The past years Fan Arena and Telenet Play Sports (previous rights holder) worked closely together to introduce the first mainstream fantasy football game in our country as the Fantasy Pro League. But that partnership came to an end when Telenet Play Sports lost the bidding war.

The uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic and the loss of a great partner put us in a doubtful situation, should we pull the plug on of the most popular fantasy football game in Belgium? We decided not to, not for the fans, not for our product. Fan Arena Fantasy is now a great showcase of our companies’ ability.

We decided to reinvent ourselves by offering Fan Arena Fantasy as a freemium. That means that everyone can play fantasy football for the Belgian league for free, and that we simultaneously offer a paying Premium version of the game. Premium users get advanced stats, power subs, a spy mode, private league(s) and customization options. All these features boost your fantasy playing experience, but that doesn’t mean it’s “pay-to-win” because your knowledge of football remains the most important ingredient. The game mechanics (concept and rules) remain the same, modeled after the wildly popular Fantasy Premier League.

Fan Arena Fantasy – Free versus Premium features

Fan Arena Fantasy 2020/21 free versus premiumFan Arena is ready to welcome all Belgian football fans in the first weeks of the new season!

Play Fan Arena Fantasy for the Belgian football league at

In our next blog post we will have a chat with our CEO Octavian about the past 5 years, Covid-19 and the Fan Arena strategy for the future. Stay tuned.

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