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Business Intelligence.

Access all available fantasy game data. Keep track of users and revenue in our BI tool.

Fantasy Sports data

Use in-game performance and scoring data to create engaging fantasy sports content. Get inspired to create social media posts about your fantasy game.

  • Who is the most valuable player?
  • Who’s part of the Team of the Week?
  • Which players are transferred out the most?
  • Who scored the most goals?

User data

Get realtime insights on your KPIs such as revenue, engagement, campaigns, users and more.

  • What’s the total revenue and average order value?
  • How are the social media ads performing?
  • How big is the user growth year-on-year?
  • Which users won a prize?
  • What’s the churn rate?

Relevant and insightful data on hand


Create, organize and share elegant dashboards with your team. With only the data you care about.


Schedule and send charts or results to your team via email or Slack.


Export any result to .xlsx, .csv or .json.


The BI tool is directly connected to the game’s database. You always have up to date information at your disposal.

Let's build your custom Fantasy Sports game.