Fan engagement
building blocks

Fan engagement is not one-size-fits-all.

The Fan Arena platform is modular. Depending on your strategy we put together the most effective package. As true sports fans, we continue building the Fan Arena platform by creating new building blocks and improving existing ones.


Fantasy Sports Game

We offer a wide range of fantasy sports games formats and tailor it to the fan audience you want to reach. Choose your sport(s), game mode(s) (draft/budget/auction) and duration (daily/season/career).

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Payment Module

Easily collect both international and localized payments with the Payment Module. Less hassle and more time to focus on your fan engagement.

Mobile App

A mobile app is a great channel to unlock your fanbase potential by providing new experiences (on location) and new marketing channels.

Sports Data Feed

Integration of your external content from existing or new partners. Fan Arena also provides data streams including general sports data, player stats, match results and news.


Via the Content Module you can add or change pages and create news. To make it easy for you, we include a couple of widgets with sports data (e.g. leaderboards, calendar) that you can add to your pages and posts.


The most cost effective way to reach fans is through a responsive web application. It can either be a standalone website or fully integrated in your website.


For each of the building blocks we provide analytics. For example in-game player statistics for a Fantasy Game and engagement numbers for the content you create via the CMS.

Marketing Automation

We recommend adding the Marketing Automation building block when you want to increase engagement with emails and push notifications. You can make e.g. an onboarding flow for new fans.


A chat is a great addition to a Fantasy Sports Game. Especially when you want to reach those tight-knit groups of friends. Level-up the chat with a chatbot that automatically posts scoring updates and news about the head-to-head matches within a fantasy league.

TV (coming soon)

Improve first and second-screen experiences with personalised scoring updates during live broadcasts.