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3 takeaways from Sports Analytics Conference Amsterdam

By May 8, 2018November 23rd, 2021Fan Engagement
Netherlands Sports Analytics & Sports Technology Conference in the Amsterdam ArenA

On the 7th of May 2018 European industry professionals and executives gathered to discuss the role of data, analytics and technology innovation in the European and global sports industry. These are Luuk Janssen‘s takeaways from the Netherlands Sports Analytics & Sports Technology Conference in the Amsterdam ArenA.

  1. Production of live sports footage: automated and increased in quality

Lower-level leagues are able to broadcast live content because production costs are decreasing thanks to automated camera and streaming technology. The algorithms behind the production of video footage are becoming better and better in predicting the actions on the pitch. The camera will adapt to these situations and that creates a better viewing experience. An exciting example in Netherlands of this trend is Voetbaltv, the cooperation between Talpa and KNVB.

  1. New potential revenue streams for lower-level leagues and clubs based on live graphics

Live streaming of sports will be more easy and the time to market of sports data will decrease drastically. The next step from a commercial point of view would be to assist e.g. lower-level leagues and clubs in monetizing the broadcasting experience. A good example is Live Graphic Systems. This company produces game stats for e.g. lower-level leagues in an automated way. This increases the viewers experience because you will be up to date on the latest game stats. More importantly their templates offer branding positions so brands will have the opportunity to target a very specific audience. This could also open up new opportunities for local brands to reach an audience digitally.

  1. A digital “Fan Engagement Stack” is becoming strategically important for broadcasters

Screenshot of

These are the trends I see:

  • The production of live streams is becoming cheaper due to technology
  • The number of sports OTT platforms is growing
  • Capturing and displaying match data becomes mainstream
  • Lower-level leagues are able to start broadcasting their live video footage

After seeing these trends it raises the question: “How will broadcasters compete for a fan’s attention in the near future?”

During the Sports Analytics Conference Amsterdam I heard not much about digital engagement during live sports broadcasts. And that could be a key solution to this question. Player and match stats are available live and that opens possibilities for live fantasy sports formats, trivia quizzes and chat overlays. Even on a lower level this could be implemented. has a plug-and-play solution for this. Technology makes it possible to watch almost every sport anywhere we want it. The next strategically important phase for these platforms will be to engage their digital audience before, during and after the live games.

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