Fan Arena

100% unique and tailored game design

Fantasy sports data feed included

Multi-device (responsive web app)

Multi-language interface

End user chat support (NL, FR & EN)

Hosting & platform updates

Technical support & SLAs

Marketing consulting & support

CMS with prize entry & game admin options

Messaging tool for engaging marketing mails

BI dashboard & reporting tool


Let's talk


White-label design

Fantasy sports data feed not included

Unresponsive web app

Single language interface

No end user chat support

No updates

Hard to reach support

No marketing consulting


No messaging tool

Basic dashboard & reports

Not robust

All the fantasy tools and support you need.

1. Fantasy game

Offer your audience a fantasy game with a unique design and custom rule set. Learn more.

2. Admin tool

Manage the game in the Admin tool. Activate promotions, edit prizes, upload assets and more. Learn more.

3. BI tool

Keep track of all relevant KPIs. Receive insightful data that can be used to create engaging social media content. Learn more.

4. Marketing

Every client receives strategic marketing advice with pointers on how to promote your fantasy sports game. Including social media visuals and designs.

5. Consulting

Fan Arena helps you to set up sponsorship offerings for the fantasy game.

Let's build your custom Fantasy Sports game.