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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.


Do you create fantasy leagues for any sport?

Yes, Fan Arena creates fantasy sports games for all sports, big and small.
The only prerequisite is the availability of at least some matches and player data. Because without data, there can’t be fantasy sports.

Which game modes do you offer?

Fan Arena offers all major fantasy sports game modes. Fan Arena always looks at your goals and audience to find the best game mode. It may be an existing one, an existing one with some tweaks, or a new concept.

A game mode is based on:

  • The duration (daily or season-long)
  • Player allocation (draft or budget)
  • Scoring (total points or head-to-head)
  • Game mechanics (substitutions, transfers, waivers, chips/boosters, etc.)


  • Draft Fantasy (popular in the US)
  • Classic Fantasy (Fantasy Premier League)
  • Auction Fantasy (popular in France)
  • Daily Fantasy

What's the implementation time? How fast can a game be launched?

It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to create a custom fantasy sports game from start to finish.

  1. Research
  2. Game specs
  3. Design and setup
  4. Marketing strategy
  5. Go-live and support

Are multiple languages supported?

Yes, the Fan Arena platform supports multiple languages. The browser language sets the language, or a user selects the right one via a menu toggle.

Are right-to-left (RTL) languages supported?

Yes, Fan Arena games support RTL languages such as Arabic.

What support does Fan Arena offer?

Fan Arena offers two types of support:

To the client

  • Pre-launch: Fan Arena gives strategic marketing advice by offering insights, ideas, and access to its “How to promote your Fantasy Sports game?” library.
  • During the season: Fan Arena makes sure the game runs smoothly and fixes technical issues when needed.
  • Fan Arena is available during business hours to answer any question a client may have.

To the end-user

  • In-game chat support in English, French, and Dutch.

Which commercial in-game opportunities are there?

Commercial options:

  • In-game ad placements such as field boarding and regular banners
  • Outside-game ad placements on all the content you create like a “Team of the Week”
  • Naming rights like “Brand X Fantasy Game Y”
  • Branded league with special prizes
  • Or something else/custom

What will suit best depends on the sponsor and the sponsoring goal. That could be brand awareness, data collection, or lead generation.

All clients are free to choose where to place in-game ads. Fan Arena creates a custom game design that incorporates sponsoring. Clients only need to provide branding guidelines, banners, logos, codes, and other assets.

Which intellectual property do I own as a client?

A Fan Arena client holds IP over the end product/game, such as name, branding, and marketing. Fan Arena operates on a software licensing model. This model allows clients to have a custom fantasy sports game at the fraction of the development costs. A client pays only for the usage of the code.

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Is the fantasy game mobile-friendly?

Yes, all Fan Arena games are mobile-friendly and work perfectly in all mobile and desktop browsers

Is a fantasy game also available on iOS or Android?

Fan Arena’s current pricing is based on a mobile-friendly web-based fantasy sports game. Additional costs to develop iOS or Android apps depend on the requirements.

A web-based game is the most cost-efficient. It offers a perfect experience in all desktop and mobile browsers without having substantial development and maintenance costs.

A WebView allows you to add a web-based Fan Arena fantasy game to your existing app. Your app builder or dev team loads the fantasy game url inside a WebView. And Fan Arena has solutions to solve the authentication part to guarantee a seemless user experience.

Which payment service provider or system do you implement?

Fan Arena implements a payment system (if required) during game setup. It has implemented PSPs such as Mollie, Stripe, and PayPal.

Please note that the payment gateway must allow payment processing for fantasy sports websites. Certain PSPs or banks have different restriction levels.

Who is responsible for platform operations?

Fan Arena runs platform operations and takes care of the cloud infrastructure and game support to the client and (optionally) end users.

Which login or Single-Sign-On are you using?

You don’t have a login or SSO yet:

  • Fan Arena uses its login. Our business intelligence tool makes user data accessible and exportable.

You already have an SSO:

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Are data feeds included?

Fan Arena usually implements the client’s data API. Well-known sports data providers are Stats Perform (Opta), Sportradar, and Genius Sports.

Fan Arena will look for the best solution when the client doesn’t have access to a data API. It also depends on the project and sport. Fan Arena may provide a data feed for big sports. Or it may need to rely on an API that the client has to procure.

Manual input might be unavoidable in the case of niche sports. Then the client adds game data into the Fan Arena Admin tool.

Who owns the user data?

A client always has full ownership of all user data. That data is captured via a login or SSO and can be fully anonymized to be GDPR-compliant.

How is data accessed?

Fan Arena provides each client access to a Business Intelligence tool to view and extract all available user data and fantasy data.

All data can be downloaded as .json, .csv and .xslx.

It’s also possible to create custom web services for a client to use somewhere else on its website or app. A web service can include:

  • Game data: gameweek and deadlines, most picked captain, transfers, etc.
  • User data: gameweek results (points and rankings) based on a unique token

Is in-game user tracking possible?

Yes, Fan Arena implements Google Analytics or other tracking snippets and embeds them in the game. The client must provide Fan Arena with that code, as Fan Arena doesn’t have or want access to the tracking account itself.

How frequently is the in-game data updated?

The frequency of in-game data updates depends on:

  • The sport. Football will usually have real-time player and matches stats updates. Cycling will have one update at the end of the race when all cyclists have finished. The total points and rankings are calculated periodically or after a match or a race.
  • Speed and availability at the data provider.

Fan Arena offers real-time live player and matches stats updates when available.

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What is the Fan Arena pricing based on?

Fan Arena’s pricing has two components: a yearly recurring license and a one-time setup fee for new games.

  • Setup fee
    • One-off payment
    • To create a unique design, implement special requirements, and set up the game
  • License
    • Yearly recurring payment
    • Based on the number of games and the client’s reach
    • To make use of the Fan Arena software platform and its support during a season, tournament, or event.

What does the license include?

  • 100% unique and tailored design
  • Hosting
  • Sports API data feed
  • Multi-device (responsive web app)
  • Multi-language interface
  • Single sign-on implementation
  • Payment service provider implementation
  • Platform updates
  • Technical support & SLAs
  • End user chat support (NL, FR & EN)
  • Marketing consulting & support
  • Tools:
    • Business Intelligence dashboard and reporting tool
    • CMS for prize entry & game admin options
    • Messaging tool for engaging marketing mails
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Cloud infrastructure

Which cloud provider does Fan Arena use?

Fan Arena uses DigitalOcean cloud infrastructure. And it’s going to transfer to AWS shortly.

Which cloud locations are available?

  • New York City, United States
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • San Francisco, United States
  • Singapore
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Bangalore, India

Is it possible to use other cloud provider and locations?

Yes, it’s also possible to host a Fan Arena game on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. However, that may have an impact on Fan Arena’s pricing.

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