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Game modes.

Fan Arena devises fantasy sports game modes that achieve your goals.

Budget or salary cap

You select players for your team within a pre-defined budget, or salary cap. Each player gets a fictional value, where the top performers are valued the highest. The budget and values are often accompanied by constraints such as a fixed number of players per position and a maximum of players from the same team.

Adding a transfer market to your game can make things very interesting during the season. A player can increase in value based on supply and demand. This adds an extra strategy element and rewards your insights.


  • Low barrier entry
  • Manage the difficulty for users
  • Flexible team management with transfers
  • Award prizes and show rankings
Fantasy sports game mode - Budget
Fantasy sports game mode - Draft


In a fantasy draft game mode the players are allocated during a draft night, a live moment during which teams take turns in selecting players. Each player can only be picked once and doesn’t have a value. The draft process originated in North America and is used the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

The draft night is a very special occasion for everyone involved in a league. A good draft can make or break your fantasy season. The stakes are high!


  • The most exciting game mode
  • Inherently social
  • Unique teams
  • Another good reason to meet up with friends

A fantasy game for every audience

Daily fantasy

Daily fantasy sports are conducted over short-term periods, often a single day of competition.


Predict exact scores or win/lose/draw. Earn rewards or credit. No learning curve.


In a career mode a season is divided in multiple periods. You promote or relegate based on your ranking.


Another way of allocating players to teams instead of draft or budget. Everyone in a league bids on desired players.

League scoring

Play head-to-head against your opponent’s team and score points when you win or draw. Or use a classic ranking on total points scored.


Your fantasy game can run for a season, during the play-offs or for a single tournament.

Add game mechanics

⚡ Boosters

🔄 Transfers

💯 Bonus points

👑 Play against VIPs

😎 Private leagues

🗳️ Voting

💼 Trades and waivers

🏆 Trophies

📝 Quizzes

Let's build your custom Fantasy Sports game.