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Offer a Fantasy Sports simulation in case a sports event or tournament is cancelled. Be robust in case a pandemic (covid-19 coronavirus) or other unforeseen circumstances hit.

Sports cancelled or postponed

Fantasy Sports can only exist by the grace of live sports events being organised: matches are being played and racing is continuing. But there is always the possibility that a black swan event can affect your Fantasy Sports game. This type of unexpected event is hard to predict, such as the coronavirus pandemic. In case of covid-19 almost all sports events are cancelled or postponed. That means damage to your brand and sponsorships. So what can you do about that?

Simulate games

The best solution to cope with such a crisis is to offer your audience a Fantasy Sports Simulation. In regular Fantasy Sports all the stats and results are based on the real-life performance of players and teams. When that’s not possible, our sports game engine simulates all matches. Your Fantasy Sports game can go ahead as planned, and you can capitalize on being one of the few outlets that are able to provide to fans.


Example of field hockey:

  • Every player has a rating and subratings on passing, dribbling, shooting and others.
  • Each player position has a different set of subratings. For example: a penalty corner specialist will have a high PC score rating, versus a PC save rating for goalkeepers.
  • The simulator picks the best possible lineup for each team before the match.
  • Players are substituted during the match.
  • Match events take place based on possession, such as goals, penalty’s, cards, injuries and many more.
  • The key is to create balanced sports game engine with a built-in element of surprise.

Read more about the simulation mode we’ve built for Scorrd and the Euro Hockey League: STAY@HOME Fantasy Hockey, our new game mode in times of coronavirus

Stay@Home Fantasy Hockey League - Simulation - Match ticker

Our best in class simulation engine

Based on intricate player ratings

True and balanced simulation

Fully automated sports game engine

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