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Sports widgets.

Embed interactive Fantasy Sports widgets. Generate more engagement on your website and in your Fantasy Sports game.

What’s a widget?

Fantasy Sports widgets display sports data or provide specific ways for sports fans to interact with your Fantasy Sports game.

Widgets are easily embedded in your website with a code snippet, no extra coding is required.

Widgets act as a bridge between a website and a Fantasy Sports game. Strategically used widgets will offer a next-level user experience because they are interactive and personalised.

Interactive and personalised

An MVP voting widget is a great example of interactivity: during and after a match everyone can vote on the Most Valuable Player and based on the votes cast the player will earn bonus fantasy points. This widget drives more engagement and is a great conversation starter.

Widgets adapt automatically to their environment by eg. offering additional fantasy stats and relevant data on a player mentioned in the article you’re reading. A personalised widget shows specific stats or news on the players in your fantasy team. The widget suggests to take specific actions, such as making a transfer or adding the player on your fantasy watchlist.

Scorrd Fantasy Hockey fantasy integration
Easy to use MVP voting widget. Shown in the Scorrd Fantasy game and elsewhere, eg. in the Scorrd news feed.
The Fantasy API calculates the bonus points based on the voting results.

Example of a voting widget in the Scorrd Fantasy League.

Click on the green icons to read more about how it works.

Use all sorts of data in a Fantasy Sports widget, some examples


Calendar to be added in a side bar for example. Populated with personalised results.

MVP of the Match

Vote on the Man of the Match, Combatif du Jour (cycling) etc. The voting results are automatically processed by our Fantasy API and translated in fantasy bonus points.

Dream Team

Create a team of the decade of your favourite club. Pick the ideal lineup for the national team. Share on social.


Predict the results or place a 1X2 bet to gain more fantasy points. Overall results are communicated in a widget on your website and in the fantasy game.


Generate examples of a jersey, scarf, etc. with your fantasy team name. Order the customized fan gear immediately online.


Offer trivia questions. Answering correctly will grant you fantasy points.


Our system automatically suggests insightful stats, one of which you can select to showcase in the widget.

Top Performers

The best 3 or 5 fantasy players in a particular match are highlighted in a widget, which is ideally shown on the match report page of your website.

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