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How we work.

What’s your business goal? This crucial question is the starting point and determines the concept and features of your fantasy game.


During the intake process the client and Fan Arena define business goals, audience and expected return.

Game specs

Fan Arena presents the game concept in a clickable prototype, including a detailed set of game rules. The client validates the concept and commits to budget and planning.

Design and setup

Fan Arena executes the custom design and development of the fantasy game.

Marketing strategy

Fan Arena offers strategic marketing advice to guarantee a successful launch. Fan Arena sets up the Admin and BI tool and helps the client execute.

Go-live and support

Once the fantasy game is launched, Fan Arena provides support and maintenance. User feedback is gathered to prepare the next iteration.

Our Business Model

Fan Arena’s business is based on software licensing.

This business model allows our clients to have a custom fantasy sports game at the fraction of the development costs. There is no need to hire talent to develop a fantasy game from scratch, and maintaining and improving it after it’s launched. Fan Arena has done that work for you.

Fan Arena has developed a software platform to create fully customizable fantasy sports games. We continuously work on the platform by adding new features and improving existing ones. An upgrade or feature for a specific client automatically becomes available for all our clients in different markets, sports and regions.

Our business model brings focus, innovation and value to both your company and us.

Let's build your custom Fantasy Sports game.