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Crypto & NFTs.

Fad or transformational technology? We’re here to add Fantasy Sports to your blockchain sports project.

Examples of NFT player cards. These players are generated via machine learning.

You have …

a Crypto Token

You have a sports-related crypto token or coin. You want to engage your community by offering them a Fantasy Sports game.

an NFT Marketplace

You are building an NFT Marketplace, but you are looking to add gamification to your platform.

a League

Your league wants to innovate and take advantage of the crypto boom.

Add gamification to your crypto and NFT endeavours.

Let's discuss the project

Fantasy Sports use cases

Pay to play

The most direct way of generating revenue: players pay an entry fee. The overal winner takes home the prize money on offer.


Create a win-win partnership with a brand. Monetize the media value of a fantasy game. Offer an engaged audience in return.

Fan engagement

The average time spent on fantasy sports is outrageously high. Why? Because it’s fun and habit-forming. Boost your fan engagement.

Employee Experience

Do you want to offer your employees a safe, fun and engaging virtual experience? Look no further and think about Fantasy Sports.

Crypto & NFT

Add gamification to your crypto and NFT endeavours as a crypto issuer, NFT marketplace or sports league.

Let's build your custom Fantasy Sports game.