Native sponsorship opportunities aplenty. Provide your sponsors with native and relevant visibility to an engaged dream audience.

Bring in more sponsorship revenue
with Fantasy Sports, some examples


Showcase the best performing athlete or most valuable player of each fantasy gameweek, match or overall.


The fantasy draft is a special experience in and of itself. The countdown makes sure users don’t miss out.

Powered by

The naming rights of a fantasy game will be shown throughout the game and on any content visual.

Splash screen

Show splash screens when users come back to the fantasy game to check their points and ranking or when they set up the team.

Public leagues

A branded public league, optionally with a custom points system. The winners take home special prizes.


Highlight athlete ambassadors of your sponsor(s) on the team page, in the player list and other parts of the game.

Skill index

Create a unique Skill Index. A weighted average of stats that relate to the sponsor.

Field boarding

Add field boarding on the Team page, the most visited page of any fantasy sports game.

Fantasy sports use cases

Pay to play

The most direct way of generating revenue: players pay an entry fee. The overal winner takes home the prize money on offer. Learn more.


Create a win-win partnership with a brand. Monetize the media value of a fantasy game. Offer an engaged audience in return. Learn more.

Fan engagement

The average time spent on fantasy sports is outrageously high. Why? Because it’s fun and habit-forming. Boost your fan engagement.

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