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What is Auction Draft Fantasy ?

Fantasy Auction is a fantasy sports game mode in which players are allocated to the highest bidder. Every manager has a virtual budget or salary cap at his disposal to build a team roster.

The draft order determines which manager can nominate a player and place an opening bid. Other managers can join the bidding process. The player is added to the team with the highest bid. The auction stops when all rosters are filled. The undrafted players are put on the waivers list.

The league size in Fantasy Auction usually varies from 2 to 12, because a player can be auctioned off only once and all teams are unique.

Benefits of Auction Draft Fantasy

  • No need to wait until it’s your turn to pick (like in a regular snake draft). You can bid on each player that’s being nominated.
  • More room to implement your own draft strategy.
  • Calculate exactly how much a player is worth to you.
  • No stress about other teams scooping up a player right before it’s your turn.
  • Keep track of the placed bids and how many of their salary cap the other manager have already spent
  • Dropped players will retain their drafted price. It’s less likely that these players are being picked up just to be put on the bench. It will make sense for only a limited number of teams to pick up a certain player, just like in the real world.

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