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What is a Calendar ?

A calendar in fantasy sports contains all the matches, races or events in which fantasy points can be scored. It’s fully up to the game organizer to determine how long the game should run and how many gameweeks there should be.

A fantasy sports calendar consist of gameweeks, and those gameweeks consist of matches/races/events. Each gameweek has a deadline by which your team must be entered.

A fantasy sports business tweaks the schedule according to the available prize pool budget. You have a budget to award 20 gameweek winners, but there are 40 match days? Then you should group match days in pairs. That even gives you less ties in the rankings.

Calendar > Round > Gameweek > Match/Race/Events

Example of a calendar for the FIFA World Cup 2022

  • Gameweek 1: match day 1 of the group stage
  • Gameweek 2: match day 2 of the group stage
  • Gameweek 3: match day 3 of the group stage
  • Gameweek 4: round of 16
  • Gameweek 5: quarter-finals
  • Gameweek 7: semi-finals, bronze medal match and final

Example of a calendar for the English Premier League

  • 38 fantasy gameweeks, which coincide with the 38 real-life gameweeks of the Premier League

Schedule for the 2021 Sporza Tourmanager. Each stage is a gameweek and has a deadline

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