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What is a Commissioner ?

A commissioner or admin is the person who is in charge of a fantasy sports league.

One can become a commissioner by default because you were the one who created the league, or you have earned the job because you have proven yourself to be a great game manager in the past.

Tasks of the commissioner:

  • Edit league settings.
  • Organize the Draft Night. Ensures everyone can attend offline or online. The commissioner brings a draft board and other tools that are needed to have a smooth draft experience.
  • Keep league engagement high. The league chat should remain as active as possible during the season. Even the teams with a horrible record should be kept involved in the banter and should continue managing their team in a responsible way until the end.
  • Uphold fairness. Trades are the most susceptible to collusion. As a commissioner you should take actions or block a ridiculous trade.
  • Collect payments and pay out. If your league requires an entry fee, make sure everyone pays on time. Make payments as easy as possible.

Fantasy Sports Commissioner

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