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What is Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB) ?

The Free Agent Acquisition Budget system is a common method used in fantasy leagues to manage player acquisitions. Each team is given a set budget, typically at the start of the season, to use for bidding on free agents. This budget is used in a blind bidding process where team owners submit secret bids for players they wish to add to their roster. The highest bidder wins the player but also spends that amount of their budget, reducing their capacity for future bids.

The strategic element of FAAB lies in deciding how much to bid on each player, considering the budget and the player’s potential impact on the team. It requires owners to balance short-term needs against long-term strategy, as overspending early can limit options later in the season. FAAB adds a layer of complexity and fairness to player acquisitions, as it prevents a first-come, first-served approach and encourages more thoughtful player management.

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