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What is a Freemium ?

Freemium is a pricing strategy that lets your audience play your fantasy sports game for free, but charges money for additional features. Freemium is a portmanteau of “free” and “premium”.

Additional features help you manage your fantasy team. Premium features are for example: advanced stats, spying on the opposition, creating private leagues and power subs.

Advantages of a Freemium game:

  • Low entry barrier (for the end user)
  • Elevate your experience (for the end user)
  • Offer a fantasy sports game, without having to free up any budget (for the game organizer)

Fan Arena’s stance is clear: a freemium model should never be pay-to-win. Everyone should have an equal opportunity to win a fantasy league. A freemium package should contain only features that enhance your playing experience, without giving unfair advantages.

There are 3 pricing strategies for a fantasy sports game: free-to-play, freemium, pay-to-play.


Fantasy Pro League is a freemium game. Every fan of Belgian football can play for free. Those who are looking for extras, can become Premium.

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