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What is a Power Sub ?

A Power Sub is the manual action of dropping a bench player who did not yet play in the starting line-up. That type of substitution is useful when the player in your starting line-up underperformed (low or negative score) or did not play at all.

A “late sub” or “late swap” can be a feature of a premium package. Everyone has auto subs, but the power swap gives you more control. When the gameweek deadline has passed, you can’t change anything anymore. The only restriction is that a benched player can only be power subbed when he has not yet played. If he already played, he remains on the bench.

The “Power Sub” is a game-changing feature in fantasy sports. This isn’t just any regular substitution; a Power Sub can significantly impact scoring by taking advantage of matchups, player form, or last-minute changes in real-world games. It introduces an additional layer of strategy, as players must wisely choose which benched player has the best chance to excel in the upcoming fixtures.

Implementing a Power Sub requires foresight and an acute awareness of the sports landscape. It’s about understanding player performances, upcoming opponents, and even weather conditions that could affect play. This feature elevates the managerial experience, encouraging players to stay engaged with real-world sports events and apply their knowledge proactively. For those looking to gain an upper hand in their fantasy leagues, mastering the use of Power Subs can be a pivotal factor in climbing the rankings and securing victory.

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