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What is Rate My Team (RMT) ?

Rate My Team (RMT) is an expression for managers to ask others to rate a fantasy team, selection, or roster. Respondents will give their opinion of the fantasy team in general and individual players. Rate My Team can also be a built-in feature of a fantasy game.

The question can be asked on social media. Or one can use an online tool that semi-automatically (you’ll have to input the players manually) grade a team.

It’s not just about a score; feedback can include insights into player form, injury risks, and even suggestions for swaps or trades that could bolster the team’s prospects in upcoming matches or the season.

Moreover, “Rate My Team” fosters a sense of community and learning among fantasy sports players. By sharing team ratings on forums or social media platforms, users can engage in discussions, gain diverse perspectives, and refine their approach to team management. This interactive aspect encourages a deeper understanding of the sport, player statistics, and how various elements like fixtures and player roles impact fantasy scoring. Whether you’re a novice trying to find your footing or a seasoned player looking to fine-tune your team, this feature is invaluable for making informed decisions and enhancing your fantasy sports experience.

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