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What is a Train ?

The concept of a ‘Train‘ in fantasy sports is particularly prevalent in daily fantasy sports (DFS) tournaments. This strategy involves a player creating one lineup and then entering it multiple times in the same contest. The idea behind this is to maximize the potential gains if the chosen lineup performs exceptionally well. Since all the entries are identical, if the lineup scores high, the player wins multiple prizes. However, this strategy also comes with a high risk, as a poor performance by the lineup can lead to multiple losses.

The ‘Train’ tactic is often a topic of debate among fantasy sports enthusiasts. Some players favor it for its potential to amplify winnings, especially in large field tournaments where the chances of a single lineup hitting the top prize are slim. However, others criticize it for reducing the diversity of competition and potentially skewing the playing field, especially in smaller contests where the presence of multiple identical lineups can disproportionately affect the results.

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