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What are Undroppables ?

In fantasy sports, the term “Undroppables” refers to a specific group of players who are considered too valuable to be dropped from a team. These players are typically the top performers in their respective sports and are thus deemed essential to maintaining competitive balance within the league. The list of undroppable players is usually set by the league platform and is designed to prevent managers from making potentially league-altering mistakes, such as accidentally dropping a star player.

The concept of “Undroppables” also serves to prevent collusion between teams. By making it impossible to drop certain elite players, the league ensures that one team cannot unfairly benefit another by dropping a top-tier player for them to pick up. However, this rule can sometimes be frustrating for managers, especially if an “undroppable” player underperforms or is out for an extended period due to injury. In such cases, managers are stuck with a high-value player occupying a valuable spot on their roster, unable to make a strategic drop.

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