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What is are Waivers ?

Waivers are an essential component of fantasy sports, acting as a regulated system for acquiring unowned players (free agents). When a player is dropped from a team, they don’t immediately become a free agent; instead, they are placed on waivers for a set period. During this time, other teams in the league have the opportunity to claim the waived player. The waiver order, which determines who gets priority in claiming players, is typically based on reverse standings or a rotating system to maintain competitive balance.

The waiver system is designed to ensure fairness and strategic planning in player acquisitions. It prevents a scenario where the fastest person to react to news or updates can immediately add a newly valuable player, thus giving all participants a fair chance to improve their team. Effective use of waivers requires managers to be strategic about when to use their waiver priority and on whom, as well as to anticipate the needs and likely actions of their opponents.

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