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What is a Whale ?

The term “Whale” in the context of fantasy sports, particularly in DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports), refers to a player who plays at a high volume, both in terms of the number of contests entered and the amount of money wagered. These players are known for their significant financial investment in the games, often entering hundreds or thousands of lineups in various contests. Whales are a crucial part of the DFS ecosystem, as they contribute to large prize pools and often drive the competition.

Whales are typically experienced and highly skilled, using sophisticated strategies and tools to manage their numerous entries. Their presence in a contest can be both a boon and a challenge for other players. On one hand, they help create larger prize pools, but on the other, they increase the level of competition significantly. For casual players, competing against whales can be daunting, as these high-volume players have the resources and tools that give them an edge in analyzing and selecting lineups.

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