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Your Fans. Our Game.

Fan Arena creates fantasy sports games for leagues and media companies to engage sports fans.

Reasons to offer Fantasy Sports
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Fantasy Sports for media companiessports leagues and start-ups

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Why you should consider Fantasy Sports

Pay 2 play

The most direct way of generating revenue: players pay an entry fee. The overal winner takes home the prize money on offer.


Create a win-win partnership with a brand. Monetize the media value of a fantasy game. Offer an engaged audience in return.

Fan Engagement

The average time spent on fantasy sports is outrageously high. Why? Because it’s fun and habit-forming. Boost your fan engagement.

Employee Experience

Do you want to offer your employees a safe, fun and engaging virtual experience? Look no further and think about Fantasy Sports.

Choose Fan Arena

Rely on our digital fan engagement experience as a fantasy sports software provider. We always find the perfect balance between your business needs and your sports audience.

All sports 🌍

Are you looking for a fantasy game for football, cycling, horse racing, field hockey, rugby or any other sport? Stop looking further. Fan Arena has a concept in store for all sports.

One-stop shop 🏬

Fan Arena knows how to engage sports fans. We use the latest technologies to adapt to your business goals. And your fantasy game will be live within weeks, from ideation to launch.

Fan Arena Insights

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