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Fantasy Sports for broadcasterspublishers and sports leagues

Create revenue streams

Use fantasy sports to test new business models that resonate better with current and new audiences.

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Acquire customers

Offer a unique game to acquire fantasy sports players, a dream demographic for your company.

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Engage customers

Drive engagement of key customers with captivating game modes and high-converting channels.

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Why is it so powerful?

Fantasy Sports

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Fan Engagement Insights

Fantasy Sports

Fan Arena and VRT launch the Sporza Wielermanager

On Thursday 20th of February Fan Arena launched the Sporza Wielermanager. The fantasy cycling game…
Fantasy Sports

NASCAR’s recent success with millennials is due to fantasy sports

NASCAR is successfully attracting a younger audience on its digital platforms. The overhauled Fantasy Live…
Fantasy Sports

7 fantasy sports related social media posts that drive engagement

Fantasy sports games are inherently social. Sports Geek argues that the boom of fantasy sports…