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Avoid these Fantasy Sports Software Pricing Pitfalls

By November 24, 2023January 18th, 2024Fantasy Sports
Avoid these Fantasy Sports Software Pricing Pitfalls

We are aware that other fantasy sports software vendors have different approaches when it comes to pricing their products.

We have come across these:

⚠️ Costly Start

Launching with both iOS and Android standalone fantasy sports apps will (in most cases) be unnecessarily expensive. A smarter approach is to start with a web app that can be embedded in your existing website and app. Save on development costs and invest more in marketing to promote your game. This is vital for generating traction.

⚠️ Revenue Share Trap

Be cautious of deals where you have to share a portion of your revenue for a cheap but mediocre, white-label product. Why should you pay for a product that is probably already turning a profit for the vendor, and then additionally, bear extra costs as your user base grows, a success largely attributable to your marketing efforts? Not a good deal.

⚠️ Recurring User-Based Payments

Be wary of contracts requiring monthly payments based on the number of users. This can quickly become unmanageable and unsustainable.

💡 Tip: Be smart with your budget and opt for strategies that support your growth without unnecessary unforeseen expenses.

At Fan Arena, this is how we approach it in the first season: a fixed price for an unlimited number of users. You know exactly how much you can budget for. Go all-in and try to onboard as many users as possible. We also take on a part of the risk. But we prefer nothing more than seeing our clients succeed.

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