There is only one Zlatan.

Why you’ll love Fan Arena fantasy…


Fan Arena is not your boring standard prediction game. We use a live draft. Everyone in a league picks a player in turn.

Just like you did in the school yard before a game, but now you can pick actual football stars. Unless you went to Kevin De Bruyne’s school ofcourse.


After the draft every team is complete. You score points based on the real life performances of your players.

You score is automatically updated during live games.


Every gameweek you select the best possible line-up to face off against your league opponents.

You have an unlimited number of transfers. Win the bragging rights by outperforming your rivals!

Fantasy football for everyone*

*We’ve obviously made up these quotes. Don’t sue us, thanks!

Mourinho laughs:

“In real life we paid 105 million for Pogba. In Fan Arena I just have to draft him first, for free!”

Verhaeghe is a winner:

“I’m anti-Anderlecht, but sometimes I do crazy things to win my fantasy league. Stanciu will be my top player.”

Van Holsbeeck is honest:

“I must say that fantasy football is harder than I thought. My friend Mogi has his own team and refuses to help me.”

Create a league with your friends



Compete against other fans

… admire
… believe
… are passionate
… go bonkers
… know better
… make crazy bets
… play together!

We are obsessed with football. But we felt that something was missing in the way you can experience the most wonderful game on the planet.

We believe that fantasy football is the best way to boost your football passion. We love playing against friends and talking about our fantasy league, matches and stats.