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Fanbase strategy

We eat our own dog food. It makes us understand what it takes to engage fans. Our software adapts to your business goals, context and audiences.

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Each iteration of our product roadmap adds exciting new functionality for your fans. We serve as an R&D lab while your solution is always kept up-to-date with the latest technology.

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Does your organisation lacks expertise or time to grow digitally? Our products take weeks, not months, to ship. Impact on your organization is kept to a minimum.

Create a custom Fantasy Badminton game mode, some inspiration


Create a mixed team of men and women. Take on others in head-to-head matches or use traditional scoring. Your players earn points based on their performance in real life (eg. points, sets and matches won). Pick a captain or MVP to use a 1.5X multiplier.


Create private leagues and invite friends, family and colleagues. Take advantage of referral effects.


Offer a Fantasy Badminton game that lasts over the course of a season or tournament (Olympic Games, BWF World Tour, World Championships etc.). Or create a Daily Fantasy game (DFS) to play single matches.

Draft or budget?

Is your game going to be draft or budget based? Or something completely new? Learn more about the two most well-know ways to build your fantasy team.


Fan Arena

100% unique and tailored game design

Fantasy sports data feed included

Multi-device (responsive web app)

Hosting & platform updates

Marketing consulting & support

All features


White-label design

Fantasy sports data feed not included

Unresponsive web app

No updates

No marketing consulting

Let's build your custom fantasy sports game.