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Generate fantasy sports social media visuals in 1 click

By December 10, 2018February 8th, 2024Fantasy Sports
Fantasy Content Generator

Fan Arena now includes an automated content generator for fantasy sports. This tool allows marketing teams to continuously create relevant social media visuals for fantasy sports. Scorrd is the first client that makes use of the tool for its Hockey World Cup fantasy game.

A fantasy sports game offers the best ROI when you create additional content to promote the game even when it’s up and running. Luckily fantasy sports is a great source of content in and of itself so you will never run out of ideas. There will always be an interesting insight you can offer to your users.

But you don’t want to invest loads of time to create visuals, right?


Fan Arena offers an automated content generator for each of its fantasy sports games. Generate social media visuals with a click of a button.


Design social media fantasy templates


Leading up to the launch of a fantasy game, Fan Arena provides marketing assistance on how to promote your game. One of the items on the list is the creation of social media visuals such as a Team of the Week, Best Player of the Round, the Most Captained Players, Transferred IN/OUT players and other valuable insights you should offer.


The fantasy visuals can be designed by either Fan Arena or your in-house design team. The next step is to transform the visuals into templates with layers and data fields linked to the Fan Arena fantasy database. During the live games, the templates will be automatically populated with in-game fantasy data or other related game data. You need a visual? Just download it with one click in your fantasy admin interface.


Draw on all in-game data points

The values you can use in the custom data fields in each template are unique to each game as they depend on the rule set. But overall these data types can be implemented:


  • General sports data: match results, game weeks, fixtures, rankings, player values, etc.
  • Game assets and visuals: team jerseys, player images, club logos or any custom graphics
  • Fantasy data: every action that results in fantasy points such as total fantasy score, goals, assists, saves, cards, you name it!

Check out some examples from the Scorrd Fantasy League

Fantasy Hockey - MVP of the Round

Scorrd Fantasy League MVP of the Round with the player name and points for a specific round, together with a photo.

Fantasy Hockey - Team of the Round Fantasy Hockey - MVP of the Match

Scorrd Fantasy League MVP of the Match with the custom team jerseys from the game. The match data is visualized, just like the 3 MVPs of each team.

Contact us to discuss how you can generate social media visuals for fantasy sports automatically.