Significant crossover between fantasy sports and sports betting

By 21/06/2018 February 8th, 2019 Fantasy Sports

Research by Ipsos for the Fantasy Sports Trade Association concludes that 79% of US fantasy sports players say they will likely participate in sports betting.

In May the US Supreme Court cleared the way for states to legalize sports betting. According to the Ipsos study, 89% of fantasy sports players say they support legalized sports betting. Roughly 90% of them will continue playing fantasy sports when sports gambling becomes legal.

A very interesting conclusion of the report is that “crossover players” are spending more on their fantasy sports teams and are betting more money than the average sports bettor. A “crossover player” is someone who plays fantasy sports and wagers on sports. The people in this segment are also willing to spend money on sports-related subscriptions.

The value of fantasy sports companies will rise significantly in the US because betting companies will be come knocking at the door in search for new customers.

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