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What is Draft Fantasy ?

Draft Fantasy is a game mode in which players are allocated to fantasy managers by letting them pick one player per turn. The draft night ends when every manager has a complete roster. The draft process is also used in the major professional sports leagues in North America: NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

The first pick is assigned randomly. Then the draft follows a snake order. The order of round 1 is reversed in round 2 and is reversed again in all following rounds. The manager with the first pick of round 1 will have the last pick in round 2, the first pick in round 3, the last pick in round 4 and so on.

The league settings determine how long each turn may take. A turn is between 30 seconds to 1 hour. As soon as a player is picked, the next manager gets to draft one. When no player is picked (eg. when a manager is offline), then a player is assigned automatically by the computer. An auto pick is either the remaining player on top of the manager’s watch list, or a random pick when the watch list is empty.

Features of Draft Fantasy

  • Everyone has a unique team, because a player can only be picked once
  • Draft Night is a very special occasion, the stakes are high
  • League size is usually around 10 managers
  • Undrafted players are picked up via waivers
  • Players switch between teams via trades

When the draft is done, every team is set to earn fantasy points.

A variation on the traditional draft is the Auction Draft Fantasy.

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