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What is a Gameweek (GW) ?

A fantasy sports Gameweek consists of one or more matches/races/games that your team can score points with. All the weeks make up the calendar. It’s crucial to take a closer look at the calendar when creating your fantasy team.

A matchday can be defined in various ways:

  • In football: all the matches of a particular weekend. Or it can be all the matches of a round in the knockout phase.
  • In cycling: one race or stage
  • In cyclocross: the races on Saturday and Sunday
  • Etc.

The amount of weeks is also influenced by your available prize pool and country-specific regulations.

Team changes must be done before the deadline. Next to a regular matchday with 1 match, a real-life sports team can have a double gameweek or a blank gameweek in fantasy sports.


Schedule for the 2021 Sporza Tourmanager. Each stage is a week and has a deadline

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