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What is a Player Value/Price/Rating ?

A Player Value/Price/Rating indicates how much it would cost to pick a player for your fantasy sports team. In salary cap fantasy games, all player receive a fictitious value at the start of the season. Each manager has a budget available to spend on a roster. For a fantasy sports organizer it’s important that it’s not too difficult or too easy for managers to create a team.

The player’s value is based on his:

  • Skills
  • Historical data and stats
  • Club or Team
  • Popularity
  • Other factors

A player price is a number, eg. $9M, 21.7 coins. But a player can also be put in a category (A, B, C, D or 5-4-3-2-1 stars), and as a manager you are restricted to pick only a couple of players of each category. A price update makes a value fluctuate during the season.

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