Fan Arena and Scorrd offer an #equallyamazing fantasy game for the EuroHockey Championships

Scorrd European Championships Hockey Men/Women

Fan Arena and Scorrd have partnered up once again to create a fantasy hockey game, this time for the European Championships. The city of Antwerp will host both the men’s and women’s competition. Hockey fans will be able to create a dream team for both.

From 16 until 25 August 2019 the 8 best European hockey countries will compete for the title in Antwerp. The men’s and women’s tournament will be held at the same time, which prompted Scorrd and Fan Arena to offer both a men’s and women’s fantasy game mode. The game fully supports the European Hockey Federation’s #equallyamazing campaign, promoting and sustaining gender balance within the sport of hockey.

Scorrd Fantasy League European Championships Men and Women

European hockey fans can chose to make a men’s or women’s team (or both!) by picking 11 hockey stars within a budget of €100M. The biggest names like Arthur Van Doren and Eva de Goede are more expensive than others. It’s key to build a balanced team.

Each of your players score points during the real-life matches in Antwerp. Scoring criteria include: type of goal (field goal, penalty goal, stroke goal), team result etc. The best players of each match will receive a bonus, as well as your team captain (x2).

Highest valued female players per country in the EuroHockey Championships

BelarusAliona BautkoDefender€7,0M
BelgiumJill BoonAttacker€9,5M
EnglandMaddie HinchGoalkeeper€10M
GermanyAnne SchröderMidfielder€10M
IrelandAyeisha McFerranGoalkeeper€9,5M
NetherlandsEva de GoedeMidfielder€13M
RussiaAleksandra LeonovaDefender€7M
SpainGeorgina OlivaDefender€10M

Highest valued male players per country in the EuroHockey Championships

BelgiumArthur Van DorenDefender€15M
EnglandAshley JacksonMidfielder€11M
GermanyFlorian FuchsAttacker€12M
IrelandShane O'DonoghueMidfielder€9,5M
NetherlandsMink van der WeerdenDefender€14M
ScotlandAlan ForsythAttacker€9M
SpainXavi LleonartMidfielder€10M
WalesGareth FurlongDefender€8,5M

But there is no better way to explain the Scorrd Fantasy League than playing it yourself, go to and start creating your team.

The EuroHockey Championships are the third edition of the Scorrd Fantasy League, after the 2018 World Cup and the 2019 EuroHockey League knockout stages.

Partners of the Scorrd Fantasy League include Duvel, Ethnicraft and hockey brands Korok, Ritual, Osaka, Gryphon and Thurso.


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