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Press Release: Scorrd Fantasy League

By November 15, 2018June 2nd, 2022Fantasy Sports
Scorrd Fantasy League - Step 1 - Pick Dream Team

November 15th 2018 – Scorrd, with the support of GRYPHON and Fan Arena (provider of fantasy sports software), has launched the first Field Hockey Fantasy league ever. The Scorrd Fantasy League will allow fans to engage on a complete new level of entertainment as they pit their wits against colleagues and friends.

Create your World Cup’s hockey dream team and win a 2 years Gryphon Sponsorship package!

The Scorrd Fantasy League is based on the next Hockey World Cup, hosted by the International Hockey Federation in India (Bhubaneswar) from November 28th until December 16th. Fantasy users are able to pick their dream team among all the World Cup hockey players. With a budget of $100M you can pick 11 players that will become your World Cup dream team. Spend the budget as you like but keep in mind you need a balanced team.

Your score will depend on your players’ performance on the real-life matches in Bhubaneswar.

The scoring criteria include: type of goal (field goal, pc goal, stroke goal), team result, cards, goals against,… The best 3 players of each team will receive a bonus; and so does the player you have chosen as your fantasy team captain (x1,5).

Every user will have the chance to transfer 2 players after every round. If some of your players are underperforming they can be transferred and you can get new ones.

Be the best manager you can be, as the winner of the Scorrd Fantasy league will get an amazing price! 2 years Gryphon sponsorship package for the winner!

Challenge all your hockey friends with the mini leagues

You will compete for the big GRYPHON prizes to become the best Fantasy League team of the entire tournament. But what about your pride? Compete against all your hockey friends, your teammates and work colleagues with your own mini league. By creating a personalized mini league (club, team, friends, brand), you can invite all your hockey friends and discover who is the best manager.


Compete against Whetton (AUS), Weir (ENG) or De Kerpel (BEL) and win a 1 year Gryphon Sponsorship!

Do you think you know more about hockey than Whetton, Weir, De Kerpel or other Gryphon stars? Prove it by joining the GRYPHON official mini league. Compete against the Fantasy teams created and managed by the best Gryphon ambassadors, the winner of the Gryphon league will win a 1 year Gryphon sponsorship package!

What are you waiting for? Join the Scorrd Fantasy league on

About Scorrd
Scorrd is a social network and a transfer market place focussing on hockey players, coaches and clubs at any level worldwide. Both professional and recreational members can create a profile and share their experience and their interests to the international hockey community.
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Since its origin Gryphon has been influential in the progression of stick manufacturing. Fast-forward over 30 years and the brand is still pushing the limits in a dynamic global market, proudly displaying its Australian heritage.
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About Fan Arena
Fan Arena is a provider of fantasy sports software, one of the most powerful tools in the fan engagement stack of media companies, sports leagues and communities. Fan Arena also creates fan-centered mobile apps and chatbots.
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Scorrd Contact Details
Oriol Peremiquel (SP/ENG)

Gryphon Contact Details
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