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Fan Arena kicks off 4th year of partnership with DPG Media

By March 4, 2022February 8th, 2024Fantasy Sports
Gouden Spelen 2022

In 2022 Fan Arena and DPG Media are entering into the 4th year of their partnership. Gouden Klassiekers kicked off this year’s fantasy sports campaign.

The goal of DPG Media with Gouden Spelen (translated: Golden Games) is to offer a fantasy sports experience throughout the year. There is always an active game for people to join. For DPG Media the fantasy sports platform is an additional revenue source (fee of 9 euros per team) and a way to engage its subscribers (enter a team for free).

In 2022 two new games will be added to the programme. Gouden F1 adds a new sport to the range with auto racing. And Gouden League, a fantasy sports game for the Champions League football, will be offered again after it disappeared from the calendar the previous two years. 2022 will conclude with Gouden WK, a game for the biggest event of the year: the football World Cup.

De Gouden Klassiekers logo

This year’s games in Gouden Spelen

  • Gouden Klassiekers – Pro Cycling – February to April
  • Gouden F1 – Auto Racing – March to November
  • Gouden Giro – Pro Cycling – May
  • Gouden Tour – Pro Cycling – July
  • Gouden 11 – Football – July to May
  • Gouden Vuelta – Pro Cycling – August to September
  • Gouden League – Football – August to May
  • Gouden Cross – Cyclocross – September to February
  • Gouden WK – Football – November to December

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