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How to Promote Event Viewership Through Fantasy Sports

By February 10, 2023Fantasy Sports
Promote Event Viewership Fantasy Sports

With a fantasy sports game, you engage your fans. But you can also use that game to convert your fans to watch or follow more live events. Promote event viewership by tweaking your game interface with some strategically placed call-to-actions.

Before starting your fantasy project, determine one or more objectives. Why do I offer a game? Do I solely focus on fan engagement, or do I try to convert them into doing other actions?

One of those conversion goals might be to increase live event viewership, boosting the audience of game broadcasts. Fantasy sports and an OTT platform or live streams are very complementary. In the game interface, put the necessary call to action in the right places. Below we give some ideas about features that promote event viewership.

Get everything out of the game calendar

Improve your in-game calendar. Instead of only showing the match/event results, add buttons to ‘View Live’ or ‘Rewatch’. Or add a ‘Sync to calender’ functionality that allows you to pick a club or league schedule and synchronize it with your calendar. Each fixture/event links directly to the live stream page.

Expand player information

Add video to the player detail page, inside the modal where you check your player’s detailed match actions and points.

Subscribe now call-to-action

Add banners, or better: native ads, that promote events or your OTT service.

Embed live streaming

Let the users watch live streams directly from your fantasy game. Users will be less likely to drop off because they’re not sent to another platform, where they have to log in again.

Send notifications

Ask a user permission to send notifications about upcoming events, results, and more. Alerts can be sent out via the browser, your app, or email.

Gamify your loyalty program

Reward users for watching or promoting live games and tie them to your fan loyalty program. A reward can be a vanity item to stylize your fantasy team, an achievement to collect, or access to an exclusive superfan fantasy league.

These are just some of the many features you can consider adding to your fantasy sports game to promote event viewership. The key is to create an engaging and interactive experience that keeps users interested and invested in the events.

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