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UEFA and Formula 1 Are Engaging Fans Through a Gaming Hub

By March 21, 2023February 8th, 2024Fantasy Sports
UEFA Champions League Fantasy

Are you looking for ways to entertain your fans digitally? If so, you may be interested in gamification. But are you unsure? Then know that UEFA and Formula 1 don’t doubt. Both sports organizations engage their fans through a gaming hub.

Gamification is a trendy term that refers to the idea that fans can build their sports knowledge and actively use it playfully. Gamification works and has a positive impact on fan engagement. Gamification can take many forms, but the most obvious form is the games themselves.

A gaming hub is a collection of different games, each with a different concept and intended audience. After all, fans come in all kinds. For example, they can be divided by engagement level (low, medium, high) or by motivation (social, enjoyment, gains, or experience). Just to say: not every fan is the same.

To understand a fan, you need to collect data. And what does that require? Give the fan a reason to register and log in. From the login moment, for example, through an SSO, you can start building fan profiles. The data insights then lead to more personal and relevant communication, better decisions, and more sales.

Something for Every Fan

UEFA and Formula 1 have recognized that a different game can be created for every type of fan. It is important to emphasize, however, that they are both major sports federations with a global reach. They do not create the games themselves but outsource or sell a license to game developers.

That being said, smaller sports leagues or federations that do not yet offer gamification should take inspiration from these two cases. Your league may not yet be large enough for game developers to want to buy the licensing rights. However, this does not prevent you from asking a specialized partner to develop a prediction or fantasy game.

We also want to emphasize that a fantasy sports game must be tailored to the target audience. A game mode can range from simple to complex, from approachable to challenging. Every type of fan can find their liking in a fantasy sports game.

UEFA Gaming HubUEFA Gaming Hub

UEFA has a dedicated gaming hub on its website. It also has the UEFA Gaming app on iOS and Android, with tens of millions of downloads.

Each game earns you achievements and XP, increasing your level.


In a bracket challenge, you guess the winner of each match in the knockout phase. You arrive at a prediction of the eventual winner of the Champions League or Europa League. You earn points for each correct guess.

A bracket challenge is a simple game that creates engagement. Fans get a better idea of possible matchups later in the tournament.


A prediction game allows you to predict the exact result for each match. In Predictor from UEFA, you get points for the score, home and away goals, goal difference, and when the score was predicted correctly by less than 10% of all participants.

For extra distinction, they also ask you to indicate which team will score first and who will be the player of the match. Select one match to add your 2x booster, and double your points. You can join unlimited mini-competitions, but each can have a maximum of 100 participants.

The predictor has a low entry threshold. Because of its simplicity, it appeals to a broad audience. But therein lies a weakness: you don’t have to have much football knowledge to win. And then you often see someone who has nothing to do with football take the win by guessing wildly.

Fantasy Football

This is our specialty. It is not surprising to see that UEFA offers a popular fantasy game for the Champions League. It usually does the same for the European Championship.

A fantasy game has these advantages:

  • you actively manage your team;
  • you look at the sport through a different lens;
  • the matches you would not follow become interesting;
  • play against friends, family, and colleagues.

A feature of the game is that you can still join or make changes during a gameweek.

With the fantasy game, UEFA aims at a broad fan audience that wants more of a challenge than with a Predictor or Bracket. With just picking players randomly, you will never win.

eChampions League

The eChampions League is an esports competition for the top PlayStation 5 players in FUT Division Rivals game mode in EA’s FIFA23. The tournament has three stages: an online qualifier, a group stage in London, and the finals in Istanbul.

The eCL has over $280,000 in prize money. It wants to attract (semi) professional FIFA gamers. All events are broadcast on Twitch and YouTube for casual gamers to follow the proceedings and learn from the pros.

F1 Gaming Hub overviewFormula 1 Gaming


The F1 Fantasy game has been steadily growing for a few years and has captivated millions of fans. It shows that a fantasy game for any sport is possible, including motorsports. Anyone can create three teams, each containing five drivers and two constructors. You have chips for bonus points, and your drivers and constructors fluctuate in value. The scoring for the drivers differs from that of the constructors.

F1 Fantasy can appeal to both casual fans and diehards. Casual fans put together their best team by feel, while the diehards field multiple teams and find an extra game element in the fluctuating values.


The Formula 1 Esports Series is a professional championship for the official F1 video game. The season opens with an online qualifier where anyone may participate. The fastest players advance to the next round. During a draft, the official F1 teams choose drivers who may represent them in the Pro Series.

Anyone may try to qualify, but only professional gamers will ultimately compete in the championship. Fans and gamers follow all events online.

F1 22 and F1 2021

F1 22 and F1 2021 are the official video games of Formula 1. Codemasters develop the games, while Electronic Arts publishes them. The game is available on every platform: PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

The game targets anyone who likes to drive laps from the couch at home. The top players compete in the Esports Series (see above) that F1 organizes.

F1 Manager 2022

F1 Manager 2022 is a racing manager game in which you manage an F1 team and lead it to success. This game is available on all platforms.

As in other manager games, the focus is on the details. As team principal, you manage staff, develop the car, and determine race strategies. It’s all about details and tweaking various parameters. A manager game serves a niche audience.

F1 Play

F1 Play is a predictor in which you have to make ten predictions each race weekend. Who will be on the podium? Who will drive the fastest lap? The winner gets to go to a grand prix as a VIP.

F1 Play has a standalone iOS and Android app. Like other predictors, this free-to-play game tries to appeal to a wider audience.

F1 Mobile Racing

Codemasters also creates the F1 Mobile Racing app. As a player, you can develop your own F1 car, and race against fans anywhere on the planet.

F1 Mobile Racing is a popular mobile game with more than 10 million downloads on Android. The game is free to download but includes in-app purchases to purchase specific components.

F1 Clash

In the mobile game F1 Clash, you compete against an outright opponent. You don’t drive your car yourself, but as a manager, you have to make split-second decisions to beat your rival. You recruit F1 drivers, train them, and set up the car. During a race, anticipate changing weather conditions, wearing tires, and low fuel.

F1 Clash is a simplified version of F1 Manager 2022. It appeals to managers-to-be with less time and who love the live aspect.

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