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First season of the Fantasy Pro League is in the books

By May 23, 2019January 18th, 2024Fantasy Sports
Telenet Play Sports Fantasy Pro League

The Belgian Pro League football season has ended. Racing Genk is the worthy champion and Anderlecht will not play in Europe next season, for the first time in 56 years. The first edition of the Fantasy Pro League was a success for tv rightsholder Telenet Play Sports.

Inspired on the immensely successful Fantasy Premier League (more than 6.3 million players!), Telenet Play Sports decided to offer a similar concept to the fans of Belgian football in the summer of 2018. The Fantasy Pro League was born.

Most important Fantasy Pro League rules

  • Budget of €100 million
  • Put together a squad of 15 players
  • Maximum of 3 players of the same club

Jelle Van Damme (Antwerp) had a good suggestion for a defender, himself!

Brecht Dejaegere (AA Ghent) asked fans to pick at least one Ghent player

More than 16.000 teams entered the fantasy competition. To keep interest high during the season, we added game mechanics such as transfers (1 free transfer each week) and 4 boosters. A booster could be activated one time during the regular season and gave the player a specific one-off advantage.

4 types of Fantasy Pro League boosters

  • Bench: bench players also score points (normally they don’t)
  • Triple captain: your captain points are tripled (instead of doubled)
  • One-day fly: recreate your team from scratch for one gameweek. Afterwards it resets back to the team of the previous gameweek.
  • Joker: do unlimited transfers and keep your new players after the gameweek is over.

The best overall player won the mega prize: a lifelong Telenet Play Sports subscription. The manager of FC Dims made full use of all the game features: he did 31 transfers, picked a captain every week and used all of the available boosters. He never won a single gameweek, although he came close in gameweek 15 with a second place. But consistency was clearly the key.

But another indispensable part of the strategy was of course to select the best players. Check out this overview.

Best Fantasy Pro League players in the 2018-2019 season

Telenet Fantasy Pro League Team of the Season

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